With muslimah style growing a broader spotlight its own right, enter Selma of La Tangerine. She’s a French blogger with Moroccan roots studying languages at university. Appropriately so, her blog written in both French and English for our enjoyment. Selma shares a few thoughts with us about her approach to style and how her diverse background has influenced it:

“For many years I’ve been really inspired by the minimalist lifestyle, and I always loved how a simple outfit or a simple interior could look so pure. I like to mix nude colors such as shades of beige, black and white, with gold or silver. Also, I love how it’s easy to mix a minimalist, modern lifestyle with classic. 

What made me like this kind of lifestyle were mostly art, old movies and tv shows, or 70’s/80’s outfits, when sometimes the fashion was to keep it simple and yet really classy. Also, even if there was some tendencies to follow, everyone could add their own touch, contrary to nowadays when everyone almost looks the same.”

You can find Selma on Instagram under the handle @selmasski and read her blog at La-Tangerine@blogspot.com.

Selma with Adas Earrings for La Tangerine

Adas Earrings

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